Time to seek guidance

Seek guidance

Time to seek guidance

Over the Halloween period a few months ago I experienced a particularly emotional song writing trip away that drew out some super-charged, life-changing surprises.

I was blessed with perfect weather as well as penned a couple of my new favourite songs – one of which I’ve just had produced and recorded. On my last day away I packed my gear up with a heavy heart – torn between my everyday life and my music writing head-space. Usually I come home super charged with love and light but this time was different.

On the drive home, I agreed with myself that it was time to reach out for help in a much more serious capacity. This path was definitely where I wished to continue but I’d been trying to form a local band unsuccessfully and was feeling like things had stopped progressing even though my songwriting continued. I wasn’t sure which direction to take next. Thankfully I believe that if things don’t naturally fall into place the time’s not right for them, so I am quite able to shift my energy and attention to the doors (or windows) that are open in the meantime.

I decided two things on that trip home.

  1. One was that I was going to get myself to the Face the Music summit in Melbourne only a few weeks later, regardless of whether or not I won the scholarship I had applied for. Hopefully there, I could find some answers to my questions.
  2. The second was that I was going to ask for more official guidance from one of the high-profile singer-songwriters I had formed a friendship with.
    Half way home I pulled into a servo, took my laptop inside and wrote an email to them, while I ate a late lunch. I had nothing to loose by exposing my weaknesses and humbly asked for help.

When I arrived home I sent a separate email asking a little more detail on the Melbourne summit so I could figure out how to make it all happen (with two young children, trips away take a lot of organising). I received a prompt reply letting me know that although it had not yet been announced… my application for the scholarship had been successful.
WOW! Talk about crazy awesome news! (So I set about making that trip happen with a lot of help from my friends, (you know who you are) got there, asked hundreds of questions and filled a note book with pages of illegible notes.)

After putting the kids to bed that same night I checked my emails and discovered that I had received the most exciting and important email of my life…! In that moment it all fell together. I had someone I greatly respected to take me under their wing and guide me through this tricky and complicated industry.

The time was right and the door was opened. I stepped through with heart light and full of love. It was my first major musical achievement. To be seen as worthy by someone I admire so completely, was deeply humbling.

Now I would have been grateful for any scaps thrown my way. My amateur questions answered, some insider advice thrown in along for good measure… but it turned out that after listening to my stuff, they wanted to present it to a couple of producers and help me get the tracks recorded properly. Did I read that right?? That was life changing information! To have someone you believe in, believe in you too and offering to help make those connections was simply unbelievable! 🙂 woo hoo…

And so the next steps are covered in this post, which you are welcome to read now if you‘ve not already, and the rest of the story is revealing itself each week. Who knows what I’m going to blog about next month but as long as I keep rolling, there will always be something exciting to share.

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