Mark this day

Mark this day

Mark this day

“Mark this day James”… Today I begin a milestone I didn’t know I’d be achieving a few years ago.

When I started writing my songs, the next big thing I could see was to build and record in a new music studio. Living in rural Victoria (Australia) it meant that once complete, I could arrange and record my own stuff right here, then get it mastered and released as a high-quality ‘home job’. Pretty cool huh?…

But a few months ago I was taken under the wing of my beautiful mentor (highlight of my life, more can be read here) and with their encouragement and help, my stuff was presented to Producer and Double/Bassist-muso-extraordinaire, (and SUPER lovely guy) Jonathan Zion.

Under Jonathan’s guidance, today I will be enjoying rehearsals with his hand-selected band for us to begin recording together over the next few days. Yes you read that right ;P

I haven’t met any of the other guys before today, but we’ve all heard of the bands they’ve worked with, and their work is second to none. Just think Angus & Julia Stone, The Black Sorrows, Pete Murray – not to mention the truly beautiful music they write of their own..!

And they’ll be helping create MY songs… wow…! I don’t really know what to expect of our time together but I’m well aware that I’ll be sharing my space, and my work with the truly talented. Seriously, how humbled can a girl get?!!

So the magnitude of what’s unfolding as you read this, is not lost on me. Working with these kinds of musicians is one of the top goals I ever dreamed.

I’m exhausted just thinking about how much I’m going to learn and love my time, and know that the results will speak for themselves. Wish me luck!

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