Looking back…

Fyerfly looking back...

Looking back…

I’m definitely guilty of always looking forward. I’ve always got something I’m working towards and sometimes things take longer than expected. It’s those times that feel like I’m making no progress at all and it’s during those ‘slower times’ that I need to just take stock and look back at where I’ve come from.

It’s those times that I often shock myself, when I fully appreciate all that I’ve accomplished – not in comparison to anyone else – but to where I once was in my own journey.

This past month in particular, I feel like I’ve been catapulted forward after what feels like years of crawling along on my own. I’ve never struggled with goals, passion or drive, but not belonging to a network of like-minded souls has been a drawback. I’m sure most can relate.

But now I feel I’m starting to find the support I need. That network to help keep my direction straight(er). I’ve also reached out to someone I respect and admire, that has offered to take me under their wing and help me with a part of that journey. I am so grateful, and incredibly humbled.

I’ve never really had a mentor before (although I did have an irreplaceable teacher in my Grandmother) but already I feel lighter. I’ve got a lot of work to do but it’s not a heavy load, it’s one I’m elated to begin. And it’s another testament that if your focus is detailed, your passion is full and your commitment steadfast, you really can ‘move mountains’. You really can dream big, and it is always worth reaching out along the way.

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