Supporting Radio

Radio Stations supporting Fyerfly

Supporting Radio

Radio stations have the power to really lift an artist’s day/week/month/year/career!!
I would like to show my support to those stations that are selecting my work to air ‘n share on their programs. From the depths of my humble soul – thank you so much ✨regular rotation

Station Program Social
Radio TordenskrallThe Menace’s House of IndiesFacebook
Seymour FMThe CleanerFacebook
BBBFm 89.1Oz OdysseyFacebook
Three D RadioRoots & BranchesFacebook
5GTR FMAmrap Music MagazineFacebook
96.5 Inner FMNew GroovesFacebook
Nambucca Valley RadioThe AntiSF Radio ShowFacebook
5 Triple ZSOME FOLKFacebook
2NVRTurning PagesFacebook
107.5 FM Orange Community RadioDrivetimeFacebook
2BOB RADIOAround The DeltaFacebook
Valley FMMinimum WageFacebook
DDBB102.7 fmClockwiseFacebook
97.9 Valley FMMonday VibesFacebook
BayFMMorning programFacebook
Tribe FMThe Oz EffectFacebook
3NRGBill’s SmorgasbordFacebook
Radio MAMAOn A Different NoteFacebook
Highland FM 107.1Essentially LatinoFacebook
King Island Community Radio —Facebook
2EAR FMSouth be South EastFacebook
5GTR FMThe AMRAP ShowFacebook
Radio AdelaideThe Folk ShowFacebook
3WBCBlood, Sweat and SportsFacebook
Vox FM —Facebook

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