My first recording sesh…

Soundpark Recording Studio, Northcote

My first recording sesh…

It’s amazing how much your life can change in the course of one week. And it just keeps happening!!

Those of you who are following my story already know that last week I had the very great pleasure of working with a small group of highly skilled individuals to produce and record my first three tracks (no one knew that part).

Now, anyone can write. Anyone can perform. Anyone can record. But to do so under a producer, and with a well-oiled team is something quite phenomenal. With great thanks to my mentor who presented my work to my producer Jonathan, (and to Jonathan for taking me on!!) we’ve developed my sound and broadened the approach to my songs, and the results have been nothing short of sensational.

I initially found it really hard to let go of what I had become emotionally attached to when one song felt like it had changed dramatically, but my respect for Jonathan and my ‘adventurous’ spirit gave us the freedom to try new ideas. It takes me a few days to process change and that’s literally all I had before committing to the gig, and it worked well. And whilst I still love my very amateur ‘demos’ (as they are quite raw and honest), I’ve come out the other end with the ‘real deal’.

I knew it would be super-fantastic and my happiness preceded me, but you never really know what kind of people you’ll get. And they wondered the same – what’s this beginner chick going to be like…? But as it happened, I landed the most really grounded guys, no difficult egos to work around, lots of laughs and brilliant musicians/technicians…! They listened to me, responded thoughtfully, were respectful and supportive. They were sensitive and intuitive and I felt like I had found ‘my people’… And we went on to make some beautiful music together 😉

Big ❤️ to Jonathan Zion, Hadyn Buxton, Claude Carranza, Daniel Farrugia and Lachlan Carrick.

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