Calmness of spirit

Calmness of spirit

Calmness of spirit

It’s been a few months between blog posts, a few months between writing of new songs, a few months since calmness of spirit. Although I exercise mindfulness and an attitude of gratitude, just like everyone else I find myself distracted with the ‘daily goings on’ that interrupt my higher vibration.

I’ve been working on some design related projects – people ask for help and I have the skills to do so – but I wonder… it is a sacrifice I should continue making? Is there a way to refine and rebalance? When will I feel justified in spending the majority of my time on my music, instead of the minority, as I yearn to do?

Life as a mother, wife and business owner is busy and I get so disappointed when I don’t have the energy to work on my songs. I feel like it’s a love that I have to duck away to enjoy in solitude. But when I do get away, I am fuelled beyond anything I can reach in the company of others (which offers its own rewards). And this has a direct effect on the style of music I write. My music calms me. It sets me free to be wherever my mind takes me. It’s a place I immerse myself and breathe deeply. My writing trips away give me that solitude to simply watch the wind blow through the leaves and ground myself, in all aspects. (Listening to musicians like Paul Grabowsky certainly aid in that inner journey of peace!) I am grateful that I am one of millions that have music as a means to express myself and the excuse to get away.

But it makes me wonder how many of us ever actually take the time we need for ourselves? These days I don’t know many who do. There are so many strung-out people, strung-out parents in this generation, trying to do it all. To what end?

Everyone just take a breath…! Let’s help each other out. Give your partner/spouse/lover/friends their own time and space and do it right away. Everyone would benefit so much as a result don’t you think?

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