Throwing my hat into the ring

Throwing my hat in the ring

Throwing my hat into the ring

First day of Autumn (my favourite season) and I’ve just come out of a pretty full-on short season of recording and then writing submissions for the next phase of this magical journey.

The start of each year presents new funding support, mentorship and competition opportunities, so it’s no time to be chillin’ on holidays for those of us that are full of passion and drive. Perhaps that can come in Winter. Somewhere north…

Recording first thing in the year was a brilliant way to get clear on my goals and offered me ample motivation to prepare a submission of support for a female mentorship and then a major funding round seeking support to complete my debut album a little later in the year. And while developing those applications I was also working on the mixes of my new tracks with my legendary engineer Hadyn. Although incomplete, we managed to get two tracks sweet enough to enter an international songwriting competition which was due the same day as the major funding round. Yeah – I’ve never been one set the bar low. But there’s just so much life yet to live…!

Now’s the waiting game. I’m not the most patient person around but I’m good at being busy so as far as I see it, I’ll keep writing so I’m ready to record as planned (funding support or not). And writing I have been. Lyrics everywhere. I’ve been quite inspired of late but not had time to turn those penned thoughts into melodies yet… Which is where my next songwriting trip comes in (excited much?!). Only a few weeks away and with a lot of inspiring stuff planned during that time, there’s sure to be a full blog or two in there somewhere, even my next favourite song…

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