Scribbling thoughts into my scrappy songbook feeling scrappy

Scribbling thoughts

Scribbling thoughts into my scrappy songbook feeling scrappy

Yesterday I was tagged in a reminder post that it was two years ago since I publicly shared my first group of tacks. It was nice to reflect on all that’s happened since but also allllllllll that happened in lead up to that moment.

Not to bore you with details, I’ll make this one a quickie… Several years ago I made the commitment to myself to write and record an album – but also several years ago, I had my babies. Anyone with kids knows how overwhelmingly consuming it is to be a parent of little ones, so having a clear mind and time to create has to be squeezed in between the cracks of dirty nappies, feeding, Bonjela and cuddle time. Not an easy task.

I remember sitting in my backyard while our youngest child played in the sandpit. I was scribbling thoughts into my scrappy songbook feeling scrappy. There was so much I wanted to be doing but no time or energy to do it.

The song I penned that day was a purge of feeling restraint in my ambition but also an appreciation that I was still making progress (albeit very, very small). It’s hard for ambitious folk to be patient but I can say with much honesty, if you’re constantly making those steps forward (small or large), when you remember to look back you really do have a lot of progress to be grateful for, because you’re never where you used to be.

And for those only watching from the outside- they see the progress you’ve made as quick, or as ‘all-of-a-sudden’, and in those moments you really don’t mind how long it took, only that you are where you are now.

So I’m really grateful that I can see writing beside my child in our backyard sandpit as one of those smaller yet still significant milestones that has lead me to today.

Question is, can anyone guess which of the songs it was I was writing…. (could be any of a few) 😉

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