Sensual-folk songstress Fyerfly will warm you with her sultry dark ‘torchy’ sound and hauntingly vulnerable performances.

Think of the late night intimacy of Norah Jones, the sad melancholy of Lana Del Rey and the gothic edge of Nick Cave, and you’ll get a sense of Fyerfly’s style.

An Australian singer-songwriter, Fyerfly has come from a line of musicians. She was nurtured by her award winning grandmother from an early age and trained in piano, vocals, guitar and percussion. Warmly ‘berceuse‘, Fyerfly’s soul-filled voice soothes her audience, embracing them as they journey together through a vulnerable intimacy.

Being classically trained, Fyerfly has been strongly influenced by orchestral and classical composers and her love of percussive instrumentation and jazz is foundational to her song-writing. The resulting sound is a fusion of sultry jazz with a bluesy-folk overtone. She has been described as a sadcoreTorch Singer‘.

“In my music my soul is free. Song-writing allows me to share a vulnerable truth with my audience, as we’ve all so much more in common than we admit. We are all hiding. We all want to be heard. I want to soothe my audience & let them know they’re not alone.”

With a poet’s heart and gypsy spirit, she began writing from a young age, collecting her thoughts and deeply felt emotions throughout her full and varied life. Currently collaborating with Melbourne producer and musician Jonathan Zion, she plans to release her debut album this year.

Fyerfly reveals her soul through her warm sultry sounds.